Sense of Home & Belonging. Memories. Experiences. Thoughts on the Future.

Cultivating connections in a post-wilderness world of uncertainty. Celebrating small a-ha! moments. Listening to human & non-human voices.

This blog is about people’s sense of home and belonging from a perspective of relocation. At least, that was the original idea! It’s about how people identify themselves and adapt to new environments and landscapes, both physical and mental.

The idea to explore how people find their place in this world had been brewing for a quite a few years. Having grown up and lived in many different places, I’ve never had a place to call home, in a classical sense. Instead, I found a sense of home in nature, among trees, connecting with the different landscapes that surrounded me. But it wasn’t until I started a master’s course in outdoor studies/ friluftsliv in my early 30’s that I began to be increasingly aware of that link. Yes, I had always enjoyed being in a forest, observing, dreaming, listening… but suddenly now, I saw those experiences as the key source of my identity.

I got interested in how other people with similar biographies of relocation experienced home and, more broadly, the world around them.

I’m interested in many different voices, though. One doesn’t have to have moved around much at all to harbor a rich inner world! On these pages, you will find transcripts of my conversations with the people whose stories piqued my curiosity. I also plan to expand the content with my own thoughts on and explorations of the theme of making sense of this world.

Alexander Kelu
Copenhagen, Denmark